You Got The Part! A Casting Director Guides Actors to Successful Auditions for Film and TV
by Marsha Chesley
Published: J. Gordon Shillingford, 2004
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0920486711

You Got the Part! is a must-have resource for anyone auditioning for roles in film and television. It is a comprehensive guide showing how to land an audition, how to prepare for and perform at that audition, and how to follow up afterward. Written by an award-winning casting director with twenty-eight years in the industry, this book takes the reader behind the scenes at actual casting sessions. Practical information is mixed with insiders' tips supported by anecdotes and stories from actors and casting directors. You Got the Part! is amusing and informative, and an essential tool for both the novice and the experienced actor.

"You Got The Part! is a remarkably informative book about the "dark side" of the acting profession - the auditions! Whether it's your first or your six hundredth and first, Marsha Chesley's book is full of fascinating, accurate, detailed, practical and useful information about the auditioning process. There isn't a person in the business (not only actors) who wouldn't find it illuminating." -- Eric Peterson

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